Men and Women: We are equal

Additional Directorate General of Recruiting, MoD, Chief of Indian Army Staff,The President of India: COMBINED MERIT LIST OF MALE AND FEMALE CANDIDATES IN ALL THE DEFENSE RECRUITMENT ENTRIES – Sign the Petition! Friends this is really important for us. Please sign it. Continue reading Men and Women: We are equal


Being a loner is not always a bad choice. You give time to yourself to introspect and meet the most beautiful person in the world : YOU. You become calmer, happier and livelier. My friend if you are too busy with the world around you then you ain’t really living. Meet your inner world, you … Continue reading I

Think wisely

The ongoing JNU (a varsity where the finest minds find their place and flourish) imbroglio has put us in the dock against the question of freedom of speech, mishandling of the sedition laws and the “carefree” media. Beating up of media personnel, teachers and students, media polarizing the people, misinterpreted law and mishandled order are … Continue reading Think wisely

Rise and Shine

I woke up in the middle of night, confused like every other young adult. The anxiety was at it’s height. It was all because I have been spending my days doing nothing. Doing nothing means sleeping and wandering aimlessly on the Internet. I felt it was a way to divert your mind but believe me … Continue reading Rise and Shine

We are United

Eminent artists and scientists returned their awards against the ‘intolerance’ going on in the nation. I feel so shocked sometimes. The most influential people of the country can’t give up so early. The most creative minds can’t express their disappointment in the most unimaginative and uninspired way. The recent comments by Amir Khan shock me … Continue reading We are United

Happy Diwali

The festival of light brings happiness all around with the different ways of enjoying it. The most important is not to forget the real reason for celebrating the festival. It is to wash away the ignorance and ego from our hearts by the light of positivity, happiness and hope . Here at my place it … Continue reading Happy Diwali